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Frog Meat

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About Ranashaw



The Ranashaw was born in the late 90's thanks to the commitment and tenacity of its precursor Carlos Lustosa. The frog farm is situated on the beach of Nossa Senhora da Conceição (just after the beach of Pau Amarelo) municipality of Paulista Pernambuco.

Despite the difficulties encountered in the production of frog meat, Ranashaw is improving the squad and given better and better clientele. Currently we deliver our products in various restaurants in Olinda, Paulista and Recife - Pernambuco, Natal and Mossoró - Rio Grande do Norte.

Information about meat Compre carne de rã on line

1) Frog meat has all the essential amino acids for humans. The man does not synthesize 10 amino acids and need to consume them to live. Frog meat has these amino acids and is ideal for athletes who need to gain and maintain weight. For being one of high biological value protein, it is excellent for recovery of patients reducing the recovery period, it increases body resistance.

2) Do not have intercellular fat. All frog fat in abdomen is located substantially different mammals where the fat is also located between the cells. Thus, frog meat has very low levels of cholesterol and compared with the beef has 20 times less fat.

3) It has high digestibility (over 97%). Eat less and feeds more.

4) It does not cause allergies. Suitable for people with food allergy problems.

Frog skin is healing effectRio researchers found that the powder extracted from frog skin can heal third degree burns. The substance for topical use - has a natural antibiotic and provides relief when it is applied. The practice has existed for three years but there was still no scientific research to prove the effectiveness of treatment. "We are writing a scientific basis for understanding the active ingredients of frog skin. The result could help thousands of people with burns and even diabetics," says professor and research coordinator, José Seixas Filho of Unisuam in Bonsucesso .

Nutrition and HealthWhat are the medicinal properties of frog meat? Question Adilson Lima, 30 years, civil, resident engineer in Yellow House, the teacher Carmen Lúcia Carvalho Flag, the Zoology Department at Biology of UFRPE replies: Frogs are amphibians that belong to the order Anura (not present tail), have shiny smooth skin and long hind legs, moving by leaps and feet are equipped with webbing. They are found both on land and in the water and on the surfaces of lakes, rivers, reservoirs etc. In this group are also included frogs and toads. Know more..

Pre menstrual syndrome - PMS - Fatty AcidsResearchers at UFPE discover substance that can reduce PMS

The gynecologist of the Clinical Hospital and researcher at UFPE, Edilberto Rocha, spoke about the origin, the causes and treatment of Premenstrual tension
Source: www.pe360graus.com

During Premenstrual syndrome (PMS), women usually accustom get angry, with swelling in the body, headaches, moodiness and other symptoms that end up reaching people who are around and need treatment. But researchers at the Federal University of Pernambuco found that a substance may reduce these symptoms.

Agronomist finds remedy ASTHMAAgronomist discovers cure for asthma
Agronomist José do Nascimento Brandão is responsible for the discovery of new weapon used by many people in the fight against asthma and other respiratory diseases, and skin diseases and others. The '' Asmarana '', which for now only has the Ministry of Health authorized to be marketed as a food supplement, is extracted from the host glands fat Frogs type Rana Catesbeiana, created a farm between Parnamirim and Macaíba. The supplement has been used by plastic surgeons in wound healing and apparently had good results.

Carne de rã RANSAHW Carne de rã Ranashaw Carne de rã RANASHAW  
Frog meat has soft texture and easy to digest.

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